Nevada’s Education Savings Account Program: FAQs

What is an Education Savings Account (ESA)?

An ESA is an account established to provide state funds to pay for approved education expenses for qualified students. The program’s main purpose is to provide options for parents to freely choose how and where to educate their children with a grant from the state.

Who is eligible for an ESA?

A parent of any child who is required to attend school may establish an Education Savings Account if the student was enrolled full-time or participated in any classes at a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 consecutive school days immediately preceding submission of
an ESA application.

What is the application process for an ESA?

Open enrollment periods will be held in the spring and fall months:

  • February 1 – March 31
    • Approved applicants will be funded the following August
  • August 1 – September 30
    • Approved applicants will be funded the following February

If qualified, how much will the student receive?

Qualified students will receive a grant of money in an amount equal to 90 or 100% of the statewide average basic support per pupil (approximately $5,700), based on the following criteria:

  • Students with a disability: 100%
  • Students from a household with income less than 185% of federally-designated poverty level: 100%
  • All other students: 90%

How will funds be distributed from the account?

A private financial management firm will be identified to manage the education savings accounts and handle receipt and disbursement of funds.

What can ESA funds be spent on?

Funds must be used to provide instruction to qualified students. Eligible expenses include:

  • Tuition and fees for any participating entity;
  • Textbooks for a child enrolled at a participating entity;
  • Tutoring or other services provided by a tutor or tutoring facility;
  • Fees for nationally standardized norm-referenced achievement tests, advanced placement exams, or any exam related to post-secondary admissions;
  • Transportation required for the child to travel to and from a participating entity, up to $750 per school year;
  • Curriculum and supplemental materials;
  • Fees for management of the ESA.

**For a complete list of eligible expenses please read the Parent Handbook at

What is a “participating entity?”

A participating entity is one of the following entities eligible to receive funds from a student’s ESA to provide approved education services:

  • A private school
  • A university, state college or community college
  • A program of distance education
  • A tutor or tutoring agency
  • A parent of a home school student

**Those wishing to become a participating entity may submit an application on the Nevada State Treasurer’s website.

When will ESA funds be available?

Funding for ESA is currently waiting for an appropriation by the 79th Legislature. As the 79th Legislative Session takes shape, parents should continue to consult for updates.

How can I get more information?

Join the Nevada State Treasurer’s email list at:

Call the Nevada State Treasurer at 702-486-5101 or email: