The Nevada Education Savings Account (ESA) program is the largest of its kind and is available to any Nevada public or charter school student who has attended school for at least 100 days. Children entering kindergarten or whose parent is active duty military are exempt from the 100-day prior public school requirement.

Students are eligible for 90 percent of the state’s basic K-12 support, which is roughly $5,100 per year. If the student has a disability or the family qualifies for the free or reduced-price lunch program, they are eligible for about $5,800 per year.

Parents can apply for an ESA through the State Treasurer’s office during one of four open application periods. Once approved, they will sign a contract to setup their account. 31.

Parents can choose the period in which they want to receive their first quarterly payment. Prior to that initial payment, parents will withdraw their child from his or her current public school and enroll them in a private school, virtual school or utilize other educational services to customize their child’s education.

The state will deposit funds four times a year into the parent’s account from which the parent will direct payments to an approved provider. The Treasurer issues payments to providers once the parent has approved a payment. Funding can be used for private or virtual school tuition and to purchase services from approved providers that a parent feels will best meet their child’s educational needs.

To become approved as a provider, including private and virtual schools, an entity must complete an application and submit required documentation with the Nevada State Treasurer. Click here to apply as a providing entity. The list of approved providers/entities will be available online as well, once they are approved.