What is an Education Savings Account (ESA)?
An ESA is an account established by the state that provides qualified students with a grant of state funds to pay for approved educational expenses. The goal of the program is to provide options for parents to choose an educational path that best fits their child’s needs.

A parent is eligible for an ESA if their child meets both of these criteria:

  • They are required to attend a school in the state
  • They were enrolled full-time or participated in at least one class at a Nevada public or charter school for 100 consecutive days prior to submission of an ESA application. (Note: Children entering Kindergarten or whose parent is active duty military are exempt from the 100-day prior public school requirement.)

Funding Amount
Participating students will receive an amount equal to 90 percent or 100 percent of the average amount spent by the state per student that school year:

  • 100 percent ($5,700 for the 2017-18 school year) for students with special needs or students with a household income less than 185 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • 90 percent ($5,100 for the 2017-18 school year) for all other students.
  • Deposits will be made quarterly in April, July, October and January.

Allowable Expenditures
Funds can be used only for the following eligible educational expenses:

  • Tuition, fees and textbooks at approved private schools, universities, state college or community college;
  • Tutoring services provided by an approved tutor or tutoring facility;
  • Fees for nationally standardized norm-referenced tests, Advanced Placement exams or any exam related to post-secondary admissions;
  • For students with disabilities, special instruction or services;
  • Transportation required for the child to travel to and from a participating entity, up to $750 per year;
  • Curriculum and supplemental materials;
  • Account management fees.

Application Process
The State Treasurer’s Office has two open enrollment periods yearly. Parents may apply during any of those two enrollment periods. The 2017 Open Enrollment Periods: January through April and August through October. You can apply directly on the State Treasurer’s Office website: http://www.nevadatreasurer.gov/SchoolChoice/Home/ If you have questions about the program, you can call the Treasurer’s office at 702-486-5101.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or help with your application. You can make an appointment with us and we will guide you through the process to apply to the Education Savings Account Program: Contact us at 1 (877) 996-8372 or nvedchoice@gmail.com.