CBS8: ESA heads to NEV Supreme Court, parents, kids in limbo

Nevada’s School Choice program will once again be under the microscope as supporters and opponents gear up for hearings before the state supreme court at the end of the month.

The school choice program also known as Nevada’s Education Savings Account program has been on shaky ground since lawmakers passed it last year.

Ever since the program opened in February, thousands of parents have signed up for ESA.  A northern Nevada lawsuit put the program on hold.  In fact, two lawsuits were filed to put a stop to ESA.  One of the lawsuits was upheld, while the other was dismissed.

Both sides of the ESA issue want answers before school starts.

“Public school in its traditional sense is just not working for my son,” said Shannon Churchwell, an ESA supporter.

Churchwell says ESA, is the only way she can afford to put her son in a private school.

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