Education Savings Accounts or ESAs have changed the landscape of education in Nevada. Families using an ESA can gain access to customized learning solutions like private school and tutoring through funds provided by the state. The program was ruled constitutional after facing two lawsuits and is now simply waiting funding by the Legislature. Sign up here for updates and more information about how you can help make sure all Nevada students have the opportunities they deserve.

Open Enrollment 2017


Every Nevada child deserves the chance at an education that prepares them for a good job, a bright future and a happy life. To meet this goal, parents must be empowered to choose an education that meets the unique needs of their children. Fortunately, Nevada’s Education Savings Account or ESA program makes that an attainable goal for thousands of Nevada families who are searching for options.

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) operate like a debit card by placing state dollars designated for a child’s education into an account that parents can manage to cover the cost of customized learning. Account funds can cover multiple education options to accommodate different learning styles, including private school tuition, online education, therapies for students with disabilities, tutoring and dual enrollment.

Nevada passed one of the strongest ESA programs in the nation, but it may never become reality for the thousands of families who’ve signed up to use it because special interest groups have filed lawsuits aimed at preserving the status quo instead of empowering parents.

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